Master classes are not only new information, new movements and new feelings in dance.
Master classes are also communication, good new acquaintances and friendly hugs, and now at the party you know almost everyone, despite the vast geography of our country.

Do not forget that master classes are concentrated information. Perhaps not everything will work out right away, but some things will have to be worked on for several months. But exactly, what you’ve seen and heard will come in handy and will accompany you in your dance life.

Perhaps not all physical conditions of your body are enough. And this is also worth taking care of. Do not neglect warm-up before classes and stretching after (or at the end of the day before going to bed)
Instead of morning coffee, take a swim in the pool. This will invigorate the brain and turn on almost all the muscles in your body.

What we want to achieve - beauty and comfort! The beauty of movement, the beauty of interaction and the beauty of your dance. And so that you feel comfortable and comfortable inside yourself.

Solo Intensive by Benji

This is 3 hours of Benji’s explosive energy, vivid emotions, a lot of solo practice, a lot of new and so forgotten old, a lot of sweat, a lot of physiology, a search for the necessary muscles and their capabilities, a lot to work on and improve yourself.
Only Benji knows exactly what will happen on the Intensive. But it is known for certain that you will leave another person from there.
It is a great luck to work with a professional of this level. Pump yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Want to learn how to think like a Champion? Then, for starters, let's try to work like him and with him.

Intensive scheduled on Sunday April 5th. From 14.00-17.15
What you need: a sports uniform, a small towel, cotton T-shirts with long and short sleeves, a bottle of water.

It is paid separately. Available without participating in Russian Open.
Number of places are limited.

WCS master classes (Workshop Pass, Weekend Pass)

West Coast Swing master classes on 4 levels on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 3-4-5)
Levels are automatically distributed on the basis of WSDC, but we will have Levels Audition.

Levels of workshops

Novice (Level 2) —  information for dancers who confidently know the basics of West Coast Swing, who want to learn something new and discover their new opportunities.
You do not have a rating in the WSDC database yet (you have never reached the final of rating events)

Novice + (Level 3) — in fact information will be intermediate level. For those who involved in West Coast swing more then a year or for those for whome the WCS is not the only known dance. You know how to dance to th music of different tempos you want to improve your technique and musicality.  You want something helps you to rich the next level, at least in your partners eyes
Novice level dancers on the basis of WSDC. 

Intermediate (Level 4) — for those who are constantly improving; for those who know the real meaning of the words connection and technique, for those looking for harmony in music and their dance; for those who are ready to find new muscles and new sensations, but instead restful weekend dance till you drop.
WSDC Intermediate level

Advanced / All Stars (Level 5) you are worried about the "pitfalls" on the path to success, the nuances of connection / following, the possibilities of dialogue in couple and the features of modern music.
You understand the true meaning of the phrase "back to basic" and selflessly plunge into a push break.
At least you have Advanced level by WSDC 

Lady Styling by Marina Motronenko

3 classes only for beautiful ladies.
Marina will tell you how to look beautiful and move on the floor.
Classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One level for everyone. Included in Workshop Pass and Weekend Pass.

Contemporary class by Inga Kurcisa

Class for those who want to wake up on a Sunday morning and move yourself solo.
Inga will reveal her secrets of movement and musicality through the technique of modern dance.
Class on Sunday . One level for everyone. Included in Workshop Pass and Weekend Pass. 

Level Audition

It will be on time (see your schedule).
Friday 14.00-15.00.
Saturday 10.30-11.00
If you think your dance level high enough despite on the competitive ranking, so, please, don't be late. If you hold Weekend Pass but you will able to come in Friday — do to audition on Friday. Saturday time is precious!  
Our teachers are strict and fair. During the first day of classes, they will be watching for your perception and might be move few of you up or down, or explain why it is necessary to stay at this level.