Russian Open 2020 PRO's

  • Benji Schwimmer

  • Мarina Motronenko

  • Inga Kurcisa

  • Browly Adjavon

  • Оlga Malafeevskaya

  • Кonstantin Baranov

Benji Schwimmer (USA)

As Robert Royston once said, Benji is a man from another planet.
Benji is very demanding, especially for himself. He competes with himself, with himself as before. A person who craves new information, progress, working on the edge of opportunity, and not forgetting to enjoy everything he does.

Learning from Benji is first of all to understand how the Champion thinks, and at least to feel and work like this as well even for a little time. To plunge into yourself, into your sensations, to discover in yourself what you are afraid to discover, because it will not be possible to close back. Find strength in yourself and be able to. Find the desire to be able to. Find in yourself "something" that helps to become a Champion.

9-Time US OPEN Swing Dance Champion
Season 2 Winner of Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance"(SYTYCD) 
Choreography and Aristic Directing credits include:
*American Idol
*Dancing With The Stars
*So You Think You Can Dance SYTYCD
*America's Got Talent
*HBO's True Blood
*The TV Land Awards
*Fox Teen Choice Awards
*Fox Reality Awards..

Acting/Film credits include "Lifetime's Holiday Spin", "Leading Ladies", "Love N' Dancing", "Full House"

Мarina Motronenko (Russia)

She loves milk chocolate and cannot live a day without coffee, she loves to create beauty and watch movies with Audrey Hebburn ..

"Beauty in dance does not come by itself, it is necessary to strive for it, to strive by working on it."

Eight years ago, she came to this statement in couple dance and over the years gained enough experience and understanding of what should be the development process of the female unique component in couple dance, but she does not stop and moves on, already delving into a detailed study of the anatomy in motion and statics getting this experience through the basics of yoga and classical dance.

Browly Adjavon (France)

Browly's parents met when they both studied in ... Krasnodar, Russia. There, Browly was born. Maybe that's why he has a special relationship with Russia :)
Browly lived and travelled widely in Africa and Europe before coming to study engineering in France in 1998. As far as he can remember, he has always loved dancing and moving his soul to music, whether it’s solo or with others.
Although, he came across West Coast Swing in 2008, it is only during the winter of 2010, that he fell in love with this dance. He could finally fully express what different music styles inspired him. 
Thus, began this new adventure with west coast swing: traveling in France and all over Europe, going to many West Coast Swing events, taking workshops, and intensive courses with some of the best known and most respected teachers of this dance.

"It is about understanding what you do and how you do it, testing whatever you learn or find out on your own during your dance journey"

Browly is a very sensitive and polite partner. He magically attunes to the dance inside, always attentive, always unhurried. Dance with him turns into a wonderful and constant dialogue.
Creating a joyful atmosphere at the classes, he not only passes on technique in a simple, efficient way, but also passes on  his strong values of respect for partner, and enjoying the dance. Breaking down  “complicated concepts” into simple ideas with fun exercises makes it easier for students to communicate in the dance. He makes you think and dive into technique involving all of you, find yourself in every movement, and not be afraid to show it.

“Dancing is simply for me another form of communication. You need to understand the words expressed through bodies to create and connect a great conversation”

Inga Kutcisa (Latvia)

Inga started dancing at a very young age. But due to health problems, she had to leave dancing. And only after the birth of the first baby, she returned. It turned out to be Line Dance, and it was there that she met West Coast Swing, which was so impressive that the rest was pushed into the background.

And the farther, the greater the dive. Inga decided to devote her life to dancing, received a dance education, in the process she studied folk and classical dance, jazz, modern and hip-hop.

"WCS has no borders! It is full of surprises, creativity and is never boring!"

Seeing Inga in the dance, you will definitely understand that “they are not bored”, but how exciting it is to watch this game of emotions and opportunities!

“Dancing is like breathing, it's a necessity, not a hobby. It's a way of expressing emotions, whether it's joy or pain.”

“At WCS, you can constantly grow and develop as a dancer. You can learn something new every day. For myself, I feel just limitless space for growth, and the process is becoming more and more interesting. Now dance for me is a way of self-expression and self-identification, and this is very important in life "

Оlga Malafeevskaya (Russia)

Olya’s dance story began as an adult, in 2007 with the hustle. At the same time she was engaged in choreography, funky jazz, a bit of Argentine tango and salsa.
And in 2011, West Coast Swing appeared.
Now Olya is happy to continue to develop in this direction, actively participates in international events, dances, teaches herself, and learns from foreign teachers.

"WCS has a very broad and interesting geography. I have made friends all over the world, and now I am combining my vacations with classes and performances!"

“I’m sure that it’s natural for anyone to dance from birth, regardless of age, physique, skills and experience. 
First of all, as a teacher, I teach to love the dance itself. To be sincere and free in it. Trust and hear each other.”

Кonstantin Baranov (Russia)

Kostya began his journey to the West Coast Swing by watching videos of foreign top dancers when he was dancing hustle.
At some point, he decided to get a little closer to West Coast Swing, but having gone to his first dance event, he realized that this is the dance he wants to continue to improve.

“Then I didn’t think that this decision would seriously affect my future life and would bring a lot of dance trips, performances at international competitions, as well as add a lot of friends and acquaintances from different countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Brazil, etc. and Of course, it will bring a lot of cool dances and impressions"

"Having once tried something new in my life, I completely changed it! "